Shoreview, MN – Counseling and Therapy

I have spent most of my counseling life serving residents of the northeast metro, with many of my clients being residents of Shoreview.  Although all individuals, there is a common sense of community and compassion that I get from area residents.  Working with individuals, couples, and families with these attributes is truly a joy.  The level of insight they are able to reach often makes counseling a satisfying and somewhat brief endeavor.

I encourage you to give the therapists at Minnesota Online Counseling a chance.  Life can be challenging, and we can go through periods of feeling stressed.  Whether you have concerns about depression, anxiety, marital, family, or work issues, our therapists have experience in helping you gain perspective and sort things out.  Even if you feel your situation or problem is very unique, you have little to lose and a lot to gain by seeking help.

Shoreview is located in Ramsey County and has a population of about 25,000.  For outdoor enthusiasts, Shoreview has nine city parks and three county parks.  It has seven lakes, which includes Turtle Lake, Snail Lake, Lake Owasso, and Island Lake, and Rice Creek flows through the northwest portion of the city.  Learn more about the city of Shoreview at