Disappointed in HealthPartners

Despite my being an in-network provider for HealthPartners for several years at CenterLife Counseling, and even before, HealthPartners has denied my request for an in-network contract.  I wrote them an appeal letter that also fell on deaf ears.  According to HealthPartners, options are for clients to request that my services be offered in-network for them, use out-of-network benefits, submit to an HSA account for reimbursement.  I am more than happy to work out a private pay option with you if none of these will work.  

Minnesota Online Counseling Blog

An exciting and scary time, this setting up a new business.  I'm Dave Halper, formerly of CenterLife Counseling, and now embarking on this new adventure.   Because this is considered a new business, I have to apply for contracts from the insurance companies, a process that they say will take  1 to 3 months!  No guarantees that I will get a contract but my fingers are crossed!  Private pay is an option and we can discuss the rate.  Because I am a licensed provider, you can submit any fees to your HSA account for reimbursement.  Thanks everyone for your patience during this transition.