Live Life for the Experiences, not the Accomplishments

This has been said before, in various ways, but when I thought of these words, it struck me. I try to practice mindfulness, do (almost) daily meditating, but I can see that I am still very goal-oriented.  Goals are good…right?   But when I focus so much on the goal, I am not aware of the enjoyment I get out of the process of getting there.  This is what I want to continue to change about my thinking and awareness.  It would look something like this:  I went deer hunting this past weekend.  I did not get a deer.  From a goal-oriented perspective, the hunt was not successful, and “not successful” is not a good feeling for me.  But from an experience focus, it was wonderful.  The weather was comfortable, the sun was shining, I was out in the woods. Just time to enjoy alone time with no pressure, no guilt, and sit there and see what happens next.  I encourage to reflect a bit and see if being too goal-oriented might be an issue for you.